Slabs & Onsite Milling

At Slab It Up, we like to source our timber sustainably from the local area.  Logs are regularly sourced from trees that are rescued – either ‘standing dead‘ or fallen.   We cut and dress the timber on site or at our workshop.

Whilst the majority of our slabs are made into furniture, kitchen bench tops, bars or shelving; we also have raw slabs available for sale.  Slabs can be purchased ‘as is’, as hardwood boards cut to order, step treads, firewood and sometimes burls when available.

Slab it up can also offer onsite timber milling for trees that have fallen on your property.  We have a portable Lucas Mill that we can transport to your location and we are able to produce slabs or cut the timber to your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions  about our products or services.

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All our timber slabs and furniture can be delivered Australia wide – at buyer’s cost.

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